Uber is Paying Drivers More With Bonuses and Incentives

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If you are a rideshare driver I think you can agree when I say:

The words incentives and bonuses are usually magic to our ears. 

Well, Uber is boosting their incentive game and Bay Area Uber drivers’ wallets are benefiting.

Why is Uber offering new incentives? A company always has its reasons for what they do. In today's post, I will give you my take on just why Uber is offering some pretty large cash incentives. I will, also, go into full detail on these incentives and bonuses that allowed myself to attain $1,884.14 with just Uber. One third of my Uber weekly paycheck was from $645 in bonuses/incentives.

Before I get into the new incentives, let’s recap what has occurred over the past couple of weeks.

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Uber Latest News Recap

With the call of the immigration ban, a series of events unfolded in the rideshare economy. #DeleteUber, sparked by the NYC taxi industry, took the web by storm causing over 200,000 consumers to delete the Uber application. While Uber took a massive publicity hit, their main competitor, Lyft, received massive amounts of application downloads soaring to the 3rd most downloaded application.

Since this has occurred, Uber has taken action and responded in several ways to gain back their representation.

Uber pledged a 3 million dollar legal fund and income support for their drivers affected by the immigration ban. Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, officially stepped down from President Trump’s economic advisory board to rid association with Uber and the President.

Travis had insinuated that being apart of the conversation was the best way to create positive change, but being associated with the President obviously was causing turmoil in his company.

Why does this matter?

Well, the latest action Uber has made pertains to driver retention. How could Uber keep their driver’s from starting to drive for Lyft? Simple, offer more cash.

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Many, if not all, Bay Area Uber Drivers recently received an email informing them that they will be paid an additional $200.00 on top of their paystub if they complete at least 80 rides each week during the weeks of February 6th and February 13th.

Juno Is Coming

Do you already drive for Uber/Lyft in the Bay Area? Uber/Lyft take 25% of your earnings, while Juno, a rideshare company coming from NY, only takes 10.5% if you sign up now. They offer stock options too!

Day to Day Incentives

This isn’t the only new incentive Uber has added. In Uber’s latest incentive you get to keep the money earned from your rides and you receive additional cash if a certain amount of rides were completed in the given time frame. This incentive has occurred the last two weeks and is continuing this week.

Here are last week’s time slots and offers.

These incentives are great, but do be aware it can be difficult to acquire 11 - 12 rides in the time period. During these times, Uber pool is your best friend. These type of incentives can also contribute to the saturation of the market meaning their are more drivers driving in turn making it harder to get rides. However, these past couple of weeks I haven’t had any trouble getting these rides.

If you happen to find that it is hard to get Uber rides switch over to drive for Lyft. If you only drive for Uber, I highly suggest you sign up for Lyft as well.

It is extremely helpful to have the ability switch from Uber to Lyft or vice versa. It is one of the ways my brother and myself make so much money from these rideshare companies.


Monday 4pm - 8pm

$30 = 6 Completed Rides 

$65 = 11 Completed Rides 

Tuesday 4pm - 8pm

$35 = 8 Completed Rides

$65 = 12 Completed Rides

Wednesday 6am - 10am

$30 = 7 Completed Rides

$75 = 12 Completed Rides

Friday 6am - 10am

$30 = 7 Completed Rides

$70 = 11 Completed Rides

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Weekly Incentives 

That's not all...

To continue with the topic of incentives, let’s go into Uber’s weekly incentive which is known as the Power Driver Bonus (I like to call them PDB). Lately, the Power Driver Bonus has changed format, but if you qualify and complete this bonus your weekly income will skyrocket.

Here is what Uber offered me last week.


Mon 4am - Fri 4am (4 Days)

  • $250 = 75 trips

Fri 4am - Mon 4am (3 Days)

  • $195 = 65 trips

If Both Are Completed

  • $445 added onto weekly paycheck 

Hitting the Uber Power Driver Bonus has been key into boosting my weekly income. Since I started driving, the bonus has ranged from $430 - $500 every single week. By getting this bonus my hourly income jumps up $7 - $10. 

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Weekly Earnings Summary

Here is my Uber & Lyft weekly earnings recap including my Uber incentives/bonuses:

I received an SFO fine of $100 a while back that was tacked onto this Uber paystub.

I grossed $1,884.14 with Uber not $1,784.14 ($27 cash tips included) .


This week, I was able to make $2,370.02 in 49 hours time. I averaged just over $40 an hour. This was a killer week and I have to thank Uber's incentives/bonuses for adding an additional $645 dollars in bonuses last week. 

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Final Thoughts

Uber's incentive game right now is amazing. With all the new bonuses, I am able to stack cash faster and easier than ever before. Earlier I said, I would provide you with my reasoning for why Uber is doing this.

Like mentioned earlier, Uber was getting a bad rap in the media. They needed a way to keep driver's driving for their platform instead of competitors. Offering more money to their drivers definitely helps their driver retention. 

In the Bay Area, I believe Uber's major goal is to have drivers that work for both Uber and Lyft strictly drive for Uber. By doing this they can decimate the supply of Lyft drivers. This drop of driver supply for Lyft can cause Lyft's prices to rise for the passengers. With the rise of price in a ride, it can frustrate a Lyft passenger enough to convert over to Uber's cheaper prices. In my opinion, Uber is trying to throw off Lyft's supply and demand demographics. In a business perspective this is a smart move by Uber and since they have far greater funding than Lyft, Uber can afford to do this. 

With all that said, its a great time to sign up to drive for Uber. I expect them to continue to shell out big incentives these upcoming weeks. Lock in and access your large Uber sign up bonus here.

I would love to know what you beautiful people think about this article and the topics discussed. Comment below. Thanks for reading.

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