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The 1,2,3 Sign Up Process For Uber

Having the ability to choose when and where you want to make money is a freedom not many have. Being an Uber driver gives you that freedom and from our experience it’s absolutely great. You will be meeting people from all different types of backgrounds, exchanging laughs, ideas, and even business cards. Driving for Uber is extremely rewarding.

So how do you become an Uber Driver? Becoming an Uber driver is easy. You can be on the road making cash in less than a week’s time. The Uber signup process is extremely straightforward.

Becoming an Uber Driver is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 - Apply Online to Drive for Uber

Applying online is a quick and easy process (complete online application here). To fully complete your application in one sitting you will need these items handy.

  • Your typical personal information (Name, email, age, phone number, etc).
  • Vehicle Information (Type of vehicle, vehicle plate number).
  • Social security number for background check.
  • Photography skills to upload the following.
    • Driver’s license
    • Car registration
    • Auto insurance (Your name needs to be present on your auto insurance).

2 - Go Get a Car Inspection

Getting an Uber car inspection shouldn’t take long at all. Just find the closest Uber car inspection location facility and make your way there. No appointment is needed to get inspected and the inspection comes at no cost to you.

To find a Uber inspection location simply google, Uber inspection and then the name of city you wish to get your car inspected in. For example google: Uber Inspection San Francisco. Here is a link to all Bay Area Uber inspection locations.

After you pass your inspection, the uber office at the inspection location should give you your Uber emblems and other materials to get you on your way to start driving for cash.

3 - Pass Your Background Check

This is the longest part of the process. Background checks can take as little as three days but we have heard stories of them taking multiple weeks. Typically, your background check should be completed in a week’s time.

Your background check will not pass if any of the following has occurred in the past 7 years:

  • No criminal record
  • No history of reckless driving
  • No DUI or drug related offenses
  • No fatal accidents

While you wait, start to set up your car. Visit our shop page for great items to make your rideshare driving more comfortable and profitable. 

Time to Make Some Money

Congratulations! If you have completed and passed these easy three steps, you are ready to get on the road and make some money. Uber will let you know that you are activated and ready to drive. After your activation, log on to the Uber Driver application and you should be ran through a tutorial on how to fully use the application. 

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