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If you have been following the rideshare industry over the course of 2017, you are fully aware of the scrutiny and immense struggles Uber has encountered.

With the recent leave of absence put forth by Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s future has been put on the backs of Uber’s Leadership Team.

Today, under the new leadership, Uber announced their commitment toward improving the experience for the individuals that make their company possible, the drivers.

What is Uber’s Theme for Day One?

It is only but the most important issue with 99.9% of Uber drivers.


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With earnings as Uber’s first installation for change, Uber has given a list of the upcoming changes.

Here are the top five from that list.


Uber Adds Tipping

This is something all Uber drivers have been pleading for in the years. Uber drivers were always allowed to take cash tips, but now tipping will become an option for passengers in the Uber application. This feature will only be available in the Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston for beta testing and by the end of July in application tipping will be available to all Uber drivers. 

Similar to your earnings, cash tips will be available through instant pay. Obviously, there is no service change. However, since these tips can be tracked, they are subject to taxation. 

With Lyft announcing just yesterday that drivers had received $250 million in application tip revenue, this could not have been a more timely announcement for Uber to add tipping. 

This is a huge step in the right direction for Uber to start changing its view in the public eye. 

By Uber adding tipping, I believe it will also change many drivers approach to how they tailor toward their customers. Uber drivers now have an boosted incentive to want to provide the absolute best service to their passengers.

I see that the addition of Uber adding tipping will be beneficial for both the drivers along with the passengers.

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2 Minute Cancellation Passenger Fees

If you are a driver, you understand the frustration of driving to your upcoming passenger and then all of a sudden they cancel. Well Uber has now reduced the amount of time a passenger has to cancel from five minutes down to two minutes. If a passenger cancels after the two minute period, drivers will collect a cancellation fee. 

Its about time this change was implemented. A five minute cancellation period is far to long. Another move of Uber's that I fully support.

Paid Wait Time

After two minutes of waiting for a passenger at the pick up point, drivers will be paid per minute. 

I personally like this not because of the pay, but simply it will make passengers act faster instead of lagging to get to the car. When driving for Uber or Lyft, the money is in the miles driven, so the sooner the car gets moving the faster drivers make money. 

Quest Earnings Available for Instant Pay

If you were not aware, drivers now have the ability to instantly cash out their earnings. Before, quest earnings could not be instantly cashed out, but now they can.

This is great news for drivers, especially since these quest earnings can be a substantial part of a driver's income.

For myself, my quest earnings are in between $350-$450 weekly. I typically gross another $1,100 - $1,200 just from my ride earnings alone. This means my quest earnings are about one fourth of my weekly income from Uber alone. 

Its great that drivers now can access this money at anytime. Especially helps if you are in financial need.

If you are unfamiliar with Quest Earnings, I have provided you with two images that show you weekly offerings. Note that quest earnings are only available in certain rideshare markets.

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Expanded Driver Destination Filters

Destination filters are by far my favorite feature of Uber's application and now these filters will be available in all markets. 

Here is how Driver Destination Filters work.

Twice a day, a driver can type in a destination they want to go to and Uber will give you rides headed in that direction.

For Example

If I was in San Francisco and I wanted to travel down to San Jose, I would set a destination filter onto San Jose and Uber would find me rides headed in that direction. I could receive a ride to SFO, Palo Alto, San Jose, or any city toward San Jose.

If my ride were to travel to Palo Alto, after I dropped the passenger off my filter would remain on San Jose with the intention of finding another ride in the direction toward San Jose. This feature is amazing and it makes getting paid to travel home tremendously easier. Filters can also be used in strategic ways as well. 

Previously, these destination filter trips didn't count toward Quest Incentives, but now they officially do. I tend to take 8-15 destination filters a week so this great news for myself and the many other drivers who use destination filters.

Final Thoughts

I love to see that Uber is in the beginning steps to creating a better experience for the drivers that that work so hard from them. Uber adds tipping is definitely the highlight of all this news. The addition of the tipping option is great, but what I truly appreciate is that it seems that Uber is on the mission to shift how their company treats their drivers. 

Now that Uber is under new management, I believe the company will continue to make positive changes in the right direction.

My number one hope for Uber's course of new direction is fare increase, but for now in application tipping will do.

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