My Weekly

Uber & Lyft Income Report

January 23rd - January 29th


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 Uber & Lyft Weekly Income Report

A $200 SFO traffic citation was deducted from my earnings. With Uber this week, I made $1,607.26. This is the one and only SFO citation I have received in 7 months of driving.



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Total Gross Income


Uber Earnings


Lyft Earnings


Total Hours Worked

54 h 13 min

Uber Hours

47 h 7 min

Lyft Hours

7 h 6 min

Total Gross Hourly Wage
(Passenger & Driver Referrals Not Included)


Uber Hourly Wage


Lyft Hourly Wage


Total Gas Expense


Total Miles Driven


Uber Promotion Of The Week

 Every week, I receive promotions from Uber. If I complete a set amount of rides in the time period I earn a bonus on top of my earnings. Lyft doesn't offer me a weekly promotion due to the age of my car.


Uber Ride Of The Week

Lyft Ride Of The Week 


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