My October

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft

Income Report

Welcome to my October 2017 Income Report! 

Last month, I claimed that October would be a great month and it was! Although I didn't quite top my $10,000 month, I got very close. 

I had my biggest weekly earning of the whole year so far with a total gross of $2,923.44. I feel like a $3,000 week is coming very soon. 

Overall, October was a great month. My monthly expenses were low leaving me to take a net profit of a little over $8,800 dollars which is the best of this year.

Even though October was great. I could have improved my earnings further. Yet again, I missed some driver incentives.

With two months to go and quite a lot of money needed to be made to reach $100,000, I expect November to be a huge month. It will be my biggest month yet and I predict to make at least $12,000.

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Important Events Over This October

  • October 2nd - 9th: Fleet Week San Francisco night. Arguably one of the favorite weeks of many San Francisco residents. The weekend are full of roof top parties and good times during this week. High demand as people head to the marina district to watch the blue angels and other flight shows over the entrance to the bay.
  • October 6th - 8th: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. This is a free three day bluegrass festival in golden gate park. People all over the bay come to enjoy free music. People take a break from fleet week here as well.
  • College Football Game Day: Saturdays typically. The biggest ride of the week came from a ride a took from Stanford during a college football game. I made $98.20 in 24 minutes.

Three Insights I Took From October?

  1. Weekly Incentives makes the list again. Hit them to further your profits.
  2. Understand what events are going on around your city. Events like fleet week in Sf make it easier to earn at a fast rate.
  3. Pay attention to sporting events. They are huge profit zones. They can also be traffic trappers so be smart on your approach.

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 October's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $2,207.23

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income




Uber Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Uber Driver Referrals




Uber Tips




Lyft Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Lyft Driver Referrals




Lyft Tips




Lyft Passenger Referrals




Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses




Car Maintenance (Oil Change)




Gas Expense




Car Insurance




Cellular Data Plan








Car Depreciation




Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit




Wage/Hr Breakdown
(Passenger & Driver Refferals Not Included in Calculations)
Total Gross Wage/Hr




Uber Gross Wage/Hr




Lyft Gross Wage/Hr




Total Net Wage/Hr




Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

216 h 59 min

+14 h 13 min


Uber Hours

144 h 39 min

-30 h 44 min


Lyft Hours

72 h 20 min

+44 h 57 min


Total Completed Trips




Uber Trips




Lyft Trips




Total Miles Driven

4,374 mi

+438 mi



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