My May

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft

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Welcome to my May 2017 Income Report! 

With the month of May came my highest gross income of the year. 

I had my highest paying week grossing at $2,678.20. This week was made possible simply because I challenged myself to complete 250 rides. I wanted to see if it was possible. It was one long week with long hours of driving, but by the end of it I completed the 250 rides distributing them with Uber at 169 rides and Lyft at 81 rides. 

Along with a crazy long week, Bay to Breakers has to be one of the most exciting events in San Francisco. Next year I will definitely participate in it.

This year I drove the event and the surges are absolutely insane for multiple hours on end. Make sure to position yourself correctly. I got stuck on the southern side of the city and it cost me hundreds, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

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Important Events Over This May

  • May 5-6th: Cinco De Mayo: Of course there was drinking in Sf on the day of Cinco De Mayo, but the mission district also celebrated on the the following day as well. 
  • May 21st: Bay to Breakers: Individuals from all over the Bay Area and even out of state came dressed in funny costumes and went on San Francisco's greatest runs of the year. This is a huge event with massive surges/primetime. Be aware of the road closures.
  • May 27-28th: Carnival San Francisco: I missed this event, but it is known as San Francisco's Mardi Gras.

Three Insights I Took From May?

  1. Don't put yourself into overdrive. Driving 250 rides in one week is possible. Overall it was a great experience to have, but I would say its not worth it. I may have made a lot of money, but it came with too many hours spent behind the wheel. I became less personable and I did not enjoy the week as much. 
  2. Position yourself correctly when their is huge city wide events. The day of Bay to Breakers I got stuck on the wrong side of the city. All the surges occurred on the other side of the city and I easily lost $200-$300 in a 5 hour period due to this. Be smart!
  3. If you are in San Francisco or any other major city, be very cautious of bus stops. I received a bus stop violation at the Cal Train stop and it cost me $288.00. This was a massive expense and one that could have been avoided.

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 May's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $2,678.20

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income




Uber Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Uber Driver Referrals




Uber Tips




Lyft Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Lyft Driver Referrals




Lyft Tips




Lyft Passenger Referrals




Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses




Car Maintenance
(Oil Change)




Gas Expense




Car Insurance




Cellular Data Plan




(Bus Stop Violation)




Car Depreciation




Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit




Wage/Hr Breakdown
(Passenger & Driver Refferals Not Included in Calculations)
Total Gross Wage/Hr




Uber Gross Wage/Hr




Lyft Gross Wage/Hr




Total Net Wage/Hr




Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

234 h 50 min

+51 h 29 min


Uber Hours

189 h 35 min

+43 h 30 min


Lyft Hours

45 h 15 min

+13 h 59 min


Total Completed Trips




Uber Trips




Lyft Trips




Total Miles Driven

5,219 mi

+1,339 mi



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