My March

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft

Income Report



Welcome to my March 2017 Income Report!

This month was a great learning experience. 

I furthered my knowledge on what helps to maximize profits by implementing new methods such as my use of my new Tip Jar.

Because I dictate my own schedule, I took a week and half off from Uber and Lyft to enjoy a wonderful time in sunny San Diego. I also had the opportunity to spend time eating delectable tacos in Ensenada, Mexico with a great group of friends. 

Even with all that time off, I still managed to gross $7,296.06.

March also came the month of 4 brand new tires. This definitely pushed my expenses up, but obviously as a rideshare driver this is necessary expense that will come along as you drive more for Uber and Lyft

Overall, I throughly enjoyed March. Continue reading and check out how March matched up to February's Income Report.

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March's Rideshare Product of the Month 

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Adir Acrylic Donation Box With Lock (6.25" x 4.5" x 4") - Clear

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Important Events Over This March

  • Feb 27th - Mar 3rd: Game Developers Conference (G.D.C) - This conference located in San Francisco is the world's largest professional game industry event. The conference brings in approximately 30,000 individuals from gaming companies around the world.

Three Insights I Took From March?

  1. Tip Jars = $$$. In the previous month I added a tip jar to my car. This month having a tip jar really showed how it can increase your profits. In 3.5 weeks time I generated $202.00 in tips (this is excluding the $100 received from returning phones). The tip jar I have is a little bulky, but still is a great addition to my car. You can get a smaller one, but if you want the one I have click here.
  2. This month solidified my love for the flexibility of rideshare driving for Uber and Lyft. I took a total of 1.5 weeks over two separate occasions throughout the month. I traveled to San Diego and traveled to Ensenada, Mexico where I met a large group of friends. I had a great time and even with all this time off, I was able to gross $7,296.06 in the month of March. 
  3. Phone Returns = $$$. Have you ever had a passenger leave their phone in your car, and you had to return it later in the day? This month I had two phones I had to return. These individuals were so grateful that I went out of my way to return their devices that they graciously offered me a total of $100.00. So don't get upset when somebody leaves a phone. It can mean big cash for you!

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March's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $1,027.20

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Uber Weekly Promotions

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income




Uber Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Uber Driver Referrals




Uber Tips




Lyft Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Lyft Driver Referrals




Lyft Tips




Lyft Passenger Referrals




Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses




Car Maintenance
(4 Tire Replacements, Oil Change, Car Alignment)




Gas Expense




Car Insurance




Cellular Data Plan








Car Depreciation




Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit




Wage/Hr Breakdown
Total Gross Wage/Hr




Uber Gross Wage/Hr




Lyft Gross Wage/Hr




Total Net Wage/Hr




Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

172 h 40 min

-34 h 47 min


Uber Hours

148 h 34 min

-38 h 27 min


Lyft Hours

24 h 6 min

+5 h 39 min


Total Completed Trips




Uber Trips




Lyft Trips




Total Miles Driven

3,785 mi

-590 mi



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