My June

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft

Income Report

Welcome to my June 2017 Income Report! 

With the end of June, officially marks the half way point in this year. It has been a great year so far and I look forward to the next six months as well. 

Unfortunately, June wasn't the greatest month in terms of my weekly profits. I failed in completing five separate promotional incentives which cost me thousands. Several factors played into this such as being sick for a week and not fully following my schedule.

It is what it is. You have to roll with the punches and I know July will be a better month.

One tremendous occurrence from this week is that Uber has finally added tips and several other features. You can read all about it here "Uber Takes Steps To Further Driver Earnings - Uber Adds Tipping".

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Important Events Over This June

  • June 23-25th: San Francisco Pride Celebration Parade/Events: The festivities start as early as Friday, but the real celebration is on Sunday. A huge parade and non-stop drinking from day until late night. This is a huge day to make money. I worked all day on this day and took $550.00 at the days end. 

Three Insights I Took From June?

  1. I failed to fulfill 5 promotional incentives this month. I did not complete the set amount of rides. This cost me approximately $1,000 in promotional earnings as well as all the additional cash I would have made from completing those rides. All in all I threw away about $2,000-$2,500 this month. Whats the message from this. Complete your incentives!
  2. Take care of your body. I was sick for a week long period because I strayed away from my normal regiment. Be smart. When you are sick and can't work, their are no payed sick days. It will cost you money. 
  3. Manage your time well and follow your schedule. Scheduling your week out properly will make it easier to fulfill your goals and incentives. I faltered with this in this month. 

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 June's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $1,055.24

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Uber Weekly Promotions

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income




Uber Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Uber Driver Referrals




Uber Tips




Lyft Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Lyft Driver Referrals




Lyft Tips




Lyft Passenger Referrals




Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses




Car Maintenance
(Oil Change, Filter Replacements, Car Wash)




Gas Expense




Car Insurance




Cellular Data Plan








Car Depreciation




Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit




Wage/Hr Breakdown
(Passenger & Driver Refferals Not Included in Calculations)
Total Gross Wage/Hr




Uber Gross Wage/Hr




Lyft Gross Wage/Hr




Total Net Wage/Hr




Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

203 h 8 min

-31 h 45 min


Uber Hours

164 h 49 min

-24 h 49 min


Lyft Hours

38 h 19 min

-6 h 56 min


Total Completed Trips




Uber Trips




Lyft Trips




Total Miles Driven

4,992 mi

-227 mi



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