My January 

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft 

Income Report



Welcome to my very first Income Report!

I am more than pleased to share with you the information and statistics I have developed from ridesharing with Uber and Lyft in San Francisco, California.

With this first income report and with many more to follow, I hope to help you further understand what it takes to be a profitable Uber and Lyft rideshare driver.

One of my biggest goals to show you absolute honestly and transparency, so you have the capability to maximize your profits to the fullest. 

In my income reports, you will find details on my income sources and my expenses. You will also find additional information outlining the amount of hours I work, the number of trips I complete, and more.


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Three Insights I Took From January?

    1. The first week of January is slow. Why you may ask? Many people were still on vacation. The demand simply wasn't the typical San Francisco demand. Surge and primetime pricing were not at its normal peaks. Rush hour was not as busy as usual. However, after the first week everything began to pick up once again.
    2. Balancing my time in between driving for Uber & Lyft, going to the gym, and developing this website is no easy task. My time management skills have a lot to improve on.
    3. SFO (San Francisco Airport) citations are no fun. I received my first two SFO citations this January and they cost me $200.00 in my earnings. Do not stay put in the airport. Drop off or pick up people and leave. Your wallet will thank you.

This Month


This Month


This Month



January's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $1,538.45

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income


Uber Earnings 


Ride Earnings


Promotional Earnings


Uber Driver Referrals


Uber Tips

Not Recorded

Lyft Earnings 


Ride Earnings


Promotional Earnings


Lyft Driver Referrals


Lyft Tips


Lyft Passenger Referrals


Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses


Car Maintenance
(Replaced Headlight, Oil Change)


Gas Expense


Car Insurance


Cellular Data Plan




Car Depreciation


Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit


Wage/Hr Breakdown
(Passenger & Driver Refferals Not Included in Calculations)
Total Gross Wage/Hr


Uber Gross Wage/Hr


Lyft Gross Wage/Hr


Total Net Wage/Hr


Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

211 h 7 min

Uber Hours

189 h 14 min

Lyft Hours

21 h 53 min

Total Completed Trips


Uber Trips


Lyft Trips


Total Miles Driven

4,322 mi



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