My August

2017 Monthly

Uber & Lyft

Income Report

Welcome to my August 2017 Income Report! 

August was a fantastic month. Like I said last month, sometimes you need to take time off to recalibrate your mind in order to reach your goals. This was my biggest grossing month so far with a gross of over $10,000. 

Even with the huge earnings from this month, I am not satisfied. I missed several weekly incentives that cost me hundreds dollars. I missed even more potential earnings by not fully pushing myself. I could have easily made over $11,000 and maybe even over $12,000 if I worked to my full abilities.

There is always room for improvement.

With this being my biggest month I hope to top it in the coming months. I believe it it possible especially after looking at my data and fully knowing I could have made even more. How much can an Uber/Lyft driver make in a month.

I hope to show you a new all time high in the remainder four months. Say tuned in these next couple months. 

If you have any feedback or questions for me please contact me here.

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Important Events Over This August

  • August 10th - 12th: San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival. This a three day long music festival in Golden Gate Park. Its an all day event that tends to end around 10-11pm. You can expect demand in bringing people there around 11am - 3pm and you can expect huge demand after 10pm.

Three Insights I Took From August?

  1. Finish your weekly incentives. This has been on my insights list three times in a row now, but I have to stress it. I have lost a couple thousand dollars from not finishing all of them.
  2. Schedule, schedule, schedule. Create and follow it to the best of your abilities. This will make you reach your goals. 
  3. Make sure to get your car inspected to make sure everything is running smoothy and your car is safe. I had to replace my rear brake shoes and do other work on my car this month.

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 August's Weekly Earnings

  • One Week of Uber/Lyft: $1,529.34

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Income Breakdown
Total Gross Income




Uber Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Uber Driver Referrals




Uber Tips




Lyft Earnings 




Ride Earnings




Promotional Earnings




Lyft Driver Referrals




Lyft Tips




Lyft Passenger Referrals




Expense Breakdown
Total Expenses




Car Maintenance (Oil Change, Rear Brake Pads, Rear Struts)




Gas Expense




Car Insurance




Cellular Data Plan








Car Depreciation




Net Profit Breakdown
Total Net Profit




Wage/Hr Breakdown
(Passenger & Driver Refferals Not Included in Calculations)
Total Gross Wage/Hr




Uber Gross Wage/Hr




Lyft Gross Wage/Hr




Total Net Wage/Hr




Hours, Trips, & Miles
Total Hours Worked

252 h 40 min

+100 h 5 min


Uber Hours

227 h 32 min

+91 h 31 min


Lyft Hours

25 h 8 min

+8 h 34 min


Total Completed Trips




Uber Trips




Lyft Trips




Total Miles Driven

5,454 mi

+2,363 mi



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