5 Reasons Why Right Now is the Best Time to Start Driving for Lyft

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Over this past weekend, Lyft rose to the #3 top downloaded application on Apple devices. With more passengers joining Lyft, more drivers will be needed.

In this post, you will see firsthand why right now is the best time to sign up and drive for Lyft. Here are the top five reasons to become a Lyft Driver


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1. Lyft’s Treatment of Driver’s and People

To put it simply, Lyft cares. They care about their drivers, passengers, and their community. Lyft wants their drivers to be satisfied and they show this by providing perks for reaching milestones, giving drivers bonuses, and allowing passenger tipping inside the app.

If you have been following the news lately you should be aware of the most recent executive orders put forth by President Trump. At 5pm on January 27th, a Friday, the President issued an executive order in which an immigration ban was enforced on several primarily Muslim dominant countries.

This quickly caused responses from people around the world as well as mass pour in of donations to charities that fight for individuals constitutional rights. Lyft was one of the companies to quickly respond, “We stand with you, and are donating $1,000,000 over the next four years to the ACLU to defend our constitution.”

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Clearly, Lyft cares about others. I also wanted to do my part so I personally donated $250 to ACLU to fight for individuals constitutional rights.

Click here to donate to ACLU to help those in need of protection of their rights.

2. Huge Sign Up Bonuses

Both Uber and Lyft offer massive sign up bonuses for new drivers.. Just by signing up with a referral code and completing their set amount of rides you can pull in big sign up bonuses. At the moment, if you sign up for Lyft in Silicon Valley, California with our referral codes you lock in a $700 bonus after completing a set amount of rides.

If you want to find out your city’s sign up bonus contact us or message Lyft and ask them about sign up bonuses.

You can sign up to drive for Lyft here.

3. In Application Tipping, Power Driver Bonuses, Express Pay

Unlike Uber, Lyft allows for passengers to tip within the Lyft application. Though tipping is allowed in Uber platforms, there is no option to tip inside the Uber application. Now-a-days it far less likely for individuals to carry cash.

Lyft inside the application tipping allows drivers more opportunity to get some extra cash.

Lyft offers a universal Power Driver Bonus to all its drivers. If you meet all the requirements you have the opportunity to receive 20% more of your earnings. This allows you to eliminate almost all of Lyft’s commissions.

Say if you earn $1,000 dollars in a week and meet the power driver bonus stipulations. That means that week you will receive an extra $200 making your weekly total $1,200.

Lyft offers express pay for a small fee of $0.50. Express pay allows you to get paid immediately. They already pay you weekly every wednesday but if you are in need of your cash right away the express pay option is there for you.

4. High Primetime Zones (Surge Prices)

Now this can depend on the market you are in, but if you work in any major city it is almost guarantee you will see big primetime percentages. With more passengers joining Lyft the demand can very well cause higher primetime percentages. More demand means more money in your pocket. Here are some examples of primetime zones and ride earnings in San Francisco.

All of these primetime earnings were earned in no longer than 30 minutes time. We have made $150 in an hours time because of surges. Typically your wage in San Francisco with Lyft will be anywhere from $30 - $45 an hour if you drive during the busiest times. 

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5. Earn Extra Hundreds or Thousands A Week

Lyft gives the amazing opportunity to get in your car and start earning cash. In today's world it isn't easy to find work. With the process of filing out application after application, interview after interview it can take weeks and even months until you land a job. 

With Lyft, it can take as little as a 4 days to get on the road making money.

Their is a reason why this website is called the Six Figure Drivers. I am making a six figures from driving Uber and Lyft. If you are in the right market and know what you are doing you can make just as much as I do. Below are some of our 2017 Lyft payments ranging from a couple hundred to $1,000 or more. 


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$45.71 an Hour



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