5 Tips To Maximize Your Uber and Lyft Earnings

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1. Understanding Your Rideshare Market

Understanding your market is the most important tip to maximize your Uber and Lyft earnings. 

What does understanding your market mean?

Simply put, it means you know when and where to rideshare to make the most earnings at the fastest rate.


Anticipating Surges/Primetimes

Once you understand your market, you will be able to anticipate surges/primetimes. The term surge (Uber) and primetime (Lyft) share the same meaning.

Surge/primetime are pricing algorithm systems that compares rider demand to driver supply. High demand from riders in concentrated areas causes rides to multiply in price by 2x, 3x, and more.

After you learn how to anticipate these surges/primetimes, you will be able to consistently pinpoint the most lucrative times and places to drive so you can boost your profits in at a faster rate.

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Knowing what events that are going on also relates to understanding your market. By being proactive and studying what events are in your region you will maximize your Uber and Lyft earnings.

Make sure to research weekly what conferences, concerts, sports, and other big events may be in your region.

This is where massive surge/primetime rides come into play in which you can grab $100 plus fares.

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2. Driving For Both Uber and Lyft


I frequently get asked, "Should I drive for Uber or Lyft." The answer is you need to be driving for both.

Why would you only restrict yourself to one option?

One day Uber could be surging while Lyft isn’t or the other way around.

Having both options allows you to pick and choose between who you perceive will pay you more.

If you are driving during slower off peak times, you can run both applications as well to ensure you wait less time in between rides. This will keep you busier and making more money. 

Also, Uber and Lyft have different driver promotions, bonuses, and incentives. You want to be able to access both so you can take advantage of all of them.

You can sign up for Uber here or you can sign up for Lyft here.

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3. Completing Uber and Lyft Promotions, Bonuses, and Incentives


Uber and Lyft are always trying to incentive their drivers to drive more and you need to be taking advantage of these opportunities.

In 2017, Uber and Lyft promotions and incentives made me $16,119.54. Driver referral bonuses added an additional $10,262.74. That’s 26.36% of my gross earnings. Obviously, this shows you the importance of hitting your promotions, bonuses, and incentives. They massively boost your profits. Do understand that these all vary across cities and can change weekly.

Currently, there are several promotions, bonuses, and incentives that will maximize your Uber and Lyft earnings. Below images and captions provide a brief description on each. 

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Uber Quest Incentive

(Eligible to receive an additional $515.00 for completing a certain amount of rides in a week.)

Lyft Power Driver Bonus

(Eligible to receive up to $415.00 for completing rides, peak rides, and holding a 90% acceptance rate)


Uber Boost Zones

(Your fares are multiplied when taking rides that start inside the multiplier)


Lyft Power Zones

(Your fares are multiplied when taking rides that start inside the multiplier)


Uber and Lyft Consecutive Bonuses

Do a certain amount of rides in a row without cancelling or missing a ride request. Offered during certain times in the day. Below shows an example of Uber's offer Monday - Friday.

Don't forget about your Uber and Lyft referral codes. You want others to use them because they receive a sign up bonus that can be worth upward to a $1000. You too get money from them using your code. Getting your referral code out there is a great way to maximize your Uber and Lyft earnings. Its a excellent source of passive income.



4. Building a Schedule and Goals


Once you understand your market and know how to utilize your driver bonuses and incentives you can build a schedule.

Having a detailed and planned schedule already configured before the week starts will help you earn more. You should also set yourself goals on how much you want to make weekly/daily.

When you have a schedule and goals, you will be more likely to actively pursue them.

When I stray away from my schedule, it directly reflects negatively against my earnings. Scheduling has proven to work positively for me and I believe it will do the same for you.

When building your schedule, surround it around anticipated surges/primetimes, events, and fulfilling bonuses/incentives.

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5. Providing Quality Customer Service


As a rideshare driver, you are put in close quarters with individuals for a specific period of time. In this time, you have an opportunity to leave a great impression by providing quality customer service and being yourself.

If done right, this can lead to additional profit opportunities via tipping.

Uber and Lyft both offer tipping on their applications, but you can also receive cash as well.

Great customer service includes the following:

  • Being personable and kind
  • Driving in a safe manner
  • Having a clean fresh car
  • Playing great music
  • Offering amentities
    • Cell Phone Chargers
    • Peppermints/Gum/Etc

My tip is if you provide amenities don’t go out spending loads of money. Get simple stuff. You can get peppermints cheap from the dollar store. Be cost effective and smart with your money.

Do understand that even if you provide the best customer service ever, you may not receive tips. Some people flat out don't tip, but by doing the things listed above you put yourself in best circumstance to receive more and better tips.


There you have it. Now go utilize all these 5 tips to maximize your Uber and Lyft earnings. Go make that cash!


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