Choose & Setup Your Phone For Rideshare Driving


Best Phones: Samsung Galaxy S7 & Iphone 6 Plus series or above

Best Cell Phone Provider: Boost Mobile

Best Navigation Service: Tie between Waze & Google Maps

Best Music Provider: Spotify Premium 

Best Applications for your PhoneEmail, Uber Driver, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, Gasbuddy, Mint, Credit Karma, Starbucks, Classpass, Hotel Tonight, Castbox, Headspace, Audible, Safeway, Airbnb, Soundcloud, Flight Stats, FleetWeb Moblie


 For detailed information on why we made all these choices please continue reading. Press the red links to navigate faster through the page.

Choose a Phone

Beside a car, this is your 2nd largest investment as a professional driver.  You should have the most professional cell phone as it is the tool that connects you with your guests, utilizes bluetooth, and navigates you efficiently through the city.  We recommend one of two phones:

1) Samsung Galaxy S7

2) Iphone 6 series or above.  

The S7 is amazing if you enjoy android.  If you are used to the Iphone use any version above the 6 series.  As technology rapidly advances, developers are always putting their energy into updating the latest technology.  For this reason we don’t recommend any older phones.


To Google Maps or to Waze?  Get comfortable navigating with Waze or Google Maps as your primary navigation application.  Both Apps have their advantages, and as professional drivers we use both.  

  • Waze is a driving only, turn by turn application exclusively. The layout is zoomed in more than Google Maps, which will make last minute turns and difficult intersections easier to navigate. Waze uses real-time updates
  • Google maps has a much more professional layout, with very easy to identify one-way and two way streets. Google maps is also the best navigation application if choosing walk, bike, or take public transit.  We find
  • The Verdict, try both and see what works best for you. We use both, and some guests will ask us to use one or the other, and since this is a customer service job, the guest is always right.  


  • Spotify Premium is the bee's knees and our top pick.  At $9.99/month you can play millions of songs ad-free, offline listening for out of network areas or during airplane travel, unlimited skips between songs, and personalized curated playlists on radio mode is awesome.  If you have a family, you can have 5 individual accounts for only $14.99/month.
    • Have a great playlist of songs that is reflective of the time of day.  If it is early in the morning, play non-obtrusive music with less words, peaceful piano is an amazing compilation of classic and modern pianist.
  • Pandora with UBER is free, however we haven’t used this application as we love spotify.

Applications on Home Screen

  • EMAIL -  You have to opt-in to a lot of offers that both UBER and LYFT offer only through EMAIL. Check your
  • UBER Driver - Navigate through the app offline to get an understand of how it works.  It is very straightforward and has user friendly videos to walk you through the application. 
  • UBER - Do yourself a favor, and make sure to take one or a few short rides to see how the app works from
  • LYFT - Lyft integrates the driver and passenger app into one.  Again like UBER’s app, take your time to get
  • Yelp - It is highly respected and well reviewed in SF.  This app alone will give you insight to what is good
  • Gasbuddy - This is a gas station finder with up to date information of the cheapest and closest gas stations.  
  • Mint - A personal budgeting application that monitors all of your spending from any of your linked accounts
  • Credit Karma - Watching your credit score rise with your new financial freedom is rewarding and will payoff in
  • Starbucks - With this app you can pay directly by scanning your phone.  If you enjoy coffee or tea, starbucks
  • Classpass - If you love mixing up your gym routine, classpass is the answer.  With class times all over the bay
  • Hotel Tonight - If your in a pinch and can’t make it home, this app has great last minute deals on the best hotels.  
  • Castbox - An awesome free podcast application that has tons of relevant topics that will definitely interest you.  If you have some free time, learn about finances, history, laugh with comedy, and become motivated with Tony Robbins!
  • Headspace - This mediation application has been a blessing to me.  Tim Ferris, known as the modern day
  • Audible - To pass the time between shifts or listen to an amazing story on the beach, give audiobooks a try!  Effortless and filled with knowledge!
  • Safeway - If you shop at Safeway, which has great produce and easy healthy to fix meals at affordable prices, after spending $1,000 in product, you will get $1.00 off per gallon of gas at Chevron.  It isn’t the biggest savings, but every dollar counts!
  • AIRBNB - It could help guests looking for a place to stay, it could help you get away and enjoy amazing
  • Soundcloud - Smaller, underground, and newer emerging music artists are on this great application.  You
  • Flight Stats - A real-time application notifies users of flight delays and new airport information.  This can
  • FleetWeb Mobile - If you don’t have an UBER Xchange leasing vehicle, you won’t need this app.  This