Interested in becoming an Uber rideshare driver? If you use our site's Uber referral code and fully complete the referral process before April 1st, we will donate 10% of the referral earnings to our Relay for Life fundraiser.

What is Relay for Life's Mission?

"The hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated."


Where Does Your Money Go?

  • Cancer Research
  • Patient Support
  • Detection & Treatment
  • Prevention, Information, & Education


What is Relay For Life?

"Relay is a team fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Each team sets up a themed campsite at the event and continues their fundraising efforts. Each event is 6-24 hours in length and each team is asked to have a member on the track at all times to signify that cancer never sleeps."

Lets Fight Cancer Together

We've Raised


Help Us Reach Our Goal of $5,000.00

What Are The Six Figure Drivers Doing To Contribute?

  • Our Mother passed away on 12/20/14. To honor our Mother, we want to start this fundraiser off with a bang.
    • From 12/20/16 until 12/31/16 we will match donations $1:$1. We will cap our total donations at this period at $1,000. 
  • For every individual that signs up in between December 20th and December 31th with our Uber or Lyft with our referral codes and fully completes the referral process, we will donate 100% of our referral earnings to Relay for Life.

From 12/20/16 to 12/31/16, We, the Six Figure Drivers, will match donations $1:$1. We will cap our total donations during this period at $1,000.

Why We Give Back

We, as the Six Figure Drivers, strongly believe in serving and making our community a better place. We believe that building unity in our community is the first step to building unity across the world.

Our beloved mother, Susan Marsland, perpetuated what it truly meant to be a giving person. She was our families giving tree. Whether it was from the mass amount of wisdom, the beautiful smiles, or her delectable apple crumbles, she always had something to give. What she gave the absolute most of was her unconditional love. When she walked into a room, everybody could feel her warm loving presence. She embedded in us that living to help others is what truly matters. 

Our mother passed away on December 20, 2014 after a long, hard fought battle against Uterine Sarcoma Cancer.  Even with her battle against cancer, she continued her run for San Jose City Counsel. She never stopped fighting for her community. She always wanted to make a difference. Susan Marsland put others before herself.

We hold a firm belief that anybody can make a difference. When one person does something good it causes a chain reaction. Many people have done so many good things for us in our lives and we want to pay it forward. We hope to inspire people from communities around the world to do good in their community.

Each one of us can make a difference, but together we make a change. Help us make a change to brighten many beautiful souls lives. Help us fight cancer. Help us continue our mother's work and make our world a better place.


"Live Life to the fullest and make each and every day count."

Rest in Peace Mama Bear.

Help Make A Difference