The Importance of Creating a Set Schedule

Josh heard a tale of a rideshare driver that lives on Treasure island, works a set schedule, and has accumulated over 20,000 rides. Josh found this inspiring and intriguing, and wondered how to balance such an achievement. From this we both learned the importance of a set schedule.  

We are creatures of habit, and sleep is one of our most important and consistent habits. With that being said, our bodies are all different and require different amounts of consistent sleep for best performance.  Once you find your number, respect it, and try to live a consistent healthy lifestyle, this will be one of your greatest tools for success, sleeping consistently, and working a consistent schedule.  

Josh for example sleeps at 9-10pm, and wakes up at 4-5am.  He needs 7 hours of sleep.

Sean for example sleeps around 11pm, and wakes up at 6:30-7:30am.  He needs 7.5 hours of sleep.

Find your own rhythm and respect your sacred sleep-patterns that are so important for a healthy lifestyle.  With that being said, there are a ton of shifts that you can work to make consistent top dollar in the San Francisco Area.  Take a good look at all the provided information below of when is busiest in SF, and plan your schedule to best suit your personal situation. 

SFO Runs, Its Early, But Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Monday 4am-7am

  • The Bay Area is busy, only getting busier, every morning from San Jose to Mill Valley tons of people rely on us

Tuesday - Thursday 4am - 7am

  • Again, airport runs are happening, you can use a trick by setting a filter towards the airport of your choice.

Friday 4am-7am,

  • TGIF, you will hear this a lot in the Bay Area, we work hard, and play hard, and are ready to get out of town for

Morning Commuter Hours

Monday - Friday, 7am-11am

  • Morning rush hour all over the Bay Area, but let’s stay focused in SF.  The two consistent busiest shifts in SF

Guest start times

  • A few notes on when people are heading to work, and for what reason: 6am for EST finances operations, and 8-10am is the typically start time for the M-F 9am-5pm employees.  A second very substantial wave comes at 10:30am from the Western parts of SF (Haight, Richmond, and Sunset) in which employees are gearing up for busy lunch shifts and other service sectors.  We have noticed that on the hour, every hour, there is high surge pricing as follows:

5:40am for 6:00am start times

6:40am for 7:00am start times

7:40am for 8:00am start times

8:40am for 9:00am start times (the busiest)

9:40am for 10am start times

10:40am for 11am start times.

Marina, North Beach, Western Addition

  • The residences from the Northern part of SF love rideshare to avoid high daily parking rates and the luxury of

Mission, Noe Valley, Castro, Haight, Pacific Heights

  • These central locations are filled with a younger demographic, and typically tech related professionals that

Richmond, Sunset, Twin Peaks

  • These areas have more affordable housing, and attract a different demographic in SF.  You will notice high

Again you never know where a ride will lead you, but the rule of thumb is towards the money, Financial District.  We always say before accepting a ride in the Bay Area, have at least 50 miles of gas in your tank, a few snacks, water, and no need to use the bathroom.  remember, a 8:30am ride from the Marina to San Jose can take up to 2 hours, be prepared!

Time for a Break, Then Back to Business

Monday - Friday 11am-3pm

  • We find this to be one of the slowest times to drive in SF, GYM TIME!  We utilize classpass all over the bay if

Afternoon Commuter Hours

Monday - Friday 3pm - 9pm

  • If round one was 7am -10am, this is round two.  Be ready for heavy demand throughout downtown and
  • Of course, after their early evening outings during the workweek they will need rides home, which can as far

The Night is Over, or Just Getting Started.

Monday - Friday 9pm - 11pm

  • After friends laugh over drinks, a bite to eat, or an evening workout, they will be heading home all over the city

Thursday - Saturday 11pm - 3am

  • Although these hours are great for surge pricing, their isn't much of a demand until around 1am, when dancers
  • Sometimes we will adjust our sleep schedule to experience a night on the town, and it can be great fun
  • In regards to people throwing up in your car, we always use our good judgement to know whether someone

Friday - Sunday and 3am-6am

  • Get some sleep, nothing happens here.


Weekend, Weekend, Weekend

Saturday 6am - 11pm

  • Work hard, play hard.  Rides happen all the time at 6am on Saturday mornings, people trying to get to

Sunday 6am - 6pm

  • Again, people will seize the day, rental car pickups, day trips, local hikes, events, music festivals, social
  • This last shift leads right into Monday morning’s heavy demand for SFO runs from 4am to 7am, so be ready to