Six Figure Drivers


Can you work for both Uber and Lyft?

How much do full time rideshare drivers make in the Bay Area?

Is it worth it to drive part time? How much do part time rideshare drivers make in the Bay Area?

What are the key factors to making as much as Six Figure Drivers?

Out of the whole Bay Area, why is driving in San Francisco the best?

What are power driver bonuses?

What are the basic requirements to become a driver?

How much do you spend on gas a week?

  • This is dependent on your car and how much time you decide to drive. Since we both own Prius’s the cost is significantly lower than any other car. In our 55+ hour work week our total mileage adds up to about 900 - 1,200 miles a week. With those previous statistics, we end up spending about $80-$100 on gas per week. A small price to pay when you are making thousands a week. 

What happens if I get a ticket?

How many miles do you put on your car a week?

What do you love about rideshare driving?

What do you dislike about rideshare driving?