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The Dream

As Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream.” As the Six Figure Drivers, we have a dream as well. We want to help provide freedom and opportunity for all. We want to teach individuals not only how to make over $100,000 driving for rideshare companies, but we also want to inspire a new change in your perception of life.

We orient our lives around fitness, eating healthy, and growing as individuals. We believe that driving for rideshare companies gives you the freedom to do so. You can turn your Uber or Lyft app on or off whenever you please. If you want to go on a month long vacation, you can. Nobody is there to tell you to do this or do that. You are your own boss.  

We will show you a positive lifestyle that enhances your physical and mental state while setting you up for financial success.

Say you need $20,000 for a long term travel plan. We can show you how to do this in less than three months. With our guidance we can help you reach your financial goals whether they are long term or short term. For more details visit our "What We Do" page.


Juno is a rideshare company that has been competing with Uber in New York and Juno has been absolutely killing it. Drivers love Juno. Why you may ask? Juno pays drivers more. Currently, they only take 13% commission compared to Uber and Lyft's 25%. Juno takes almost half the amount from the driver as its competitors.

You want even better news? Juno gives their drivers stock in the company. That's right stock. Juno is coming to the Bay Area soon and for a limited time offer they are offering new drivers a special 10.5% commission rate. That means you keep 89.5% of your driver fares. Press on Access Juno's 10.5% Commission and sign up today to lock in this offer!  

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